Hi! I’m Emanuele.
I build stuff.


I am a Full Stack Software Developer. After my studies in London at one of the best coding bootcamps in Europe, I went on to work for a fast growing FinTech company where I deal with frontend and backend projects.

The thing I enjoy most in what I do is learning new things every day. What do I want to do in the future? Continue solving interesting problems that affect the current world.

Software Developer

Experience in Frontend and Backend. Some of the technologies I am trained in:
Frontend: HTML5, CSS3, Vanilla JavaScript, React
Backend: Ruby on Rails, Rest APIs, PSQL, ORMs

Online Teacher

Experience of online teaching people how to code. From basic to more advanced concepts. I have taught people HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, Unit Testing concepts, PSQL.

Ideas & Creativity

Coding is a lot about being creative. Solving problem from a different point of view requires a creative approach.

Youtube Channel

Coming soon, watch this space!

Some of my work


A basic React UI which is connected to the endpoints created in the Dev Articles Ruby on Rails API



REST API built and fully tested from scratch. Users can sign up, login, create blog articles, leave comments and, if owners, delete them. Authentication is token based.


Responsive website built using simple HTML, CSS and JavaScript / Jquery UI.


A JavaScript project where users can authenticate, create “coding campgrounds” using a name, a picture, a description and a price per night. Also possible to leave comments, delete comments and delete campgrounds.

Personal skills

Different experiences of my background help me to see problems from different point of views.

Volunteering in the Army taught me that a lonely man cannot win against a group of people. Teamwork is fundamental.

I like to have a process because it helps me to plan ahead and track the progresses, at the same time be flexible enough to adapt to a fast-changing world.

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