About Me

Let me tell you a few things...

Emanuele Gorga


Hi, my name is Emanuele and I am a Full Stack Software Developer. After my studies in London at one of the best coding bootcamp in Europe, I was then hired by a fast growing FinTech company where I currently work on both frontend and backend projects.
The thing I enjoy the most in what I do is learning new things on a daily basis.
What do I want to do in the future? Continue solving interesting problems that affect the current world.

Problem solving:
learning ability and mechanism

As a Developer I am often exposed to challenges which I constantly take with positivity. My motto is to be everyday a bit better than the day before.
I am always willing to work with new technologies as I see languages as a tool, I don't like to be classified as a Developer who uses a specific language only.


When I was a volunteer in the army one of the first thing I was taught is: "A lonely man cannot win against a group of people". Teamwork is fundamental. Thanks to my Soldier background, I understand the importance of working as a team and I strongly believe in spirit of collaboration.


I've worked in different kind of environments and enjoyed learning new things from each of them. This taught me how to adapt myself quickly in different situations. Although I am flexible and open to others, I love to follow a good process which helps me keeping track of my progress and plan ahead.